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  • Sliding Image Galleries

    Slide's galleries features a smooth scrolling feature who's speed reacts to your mouse, as well as recognizing gestures on smartphones and tablets.

  • Complete Styling Control

    We've included tons of customization ability into Slide to make creating a unique design easy.. colors, fonts, backgrounds, you name it..

  • Horizontal Sliding Blog

    Slide's unique sliding horizontal blog gives a different twist to your average blog post. It features automatic columnizing of your content and images, so there's no extra steps needed to make your posts horizontal.

  • Unique Horizontal Layout

    Every template and page Slide was designed and built to keep with the horizontal sliding concept.

Have Questions?

Have a question on how things work? or just want to see what it's like setting up one of our themes? No problem, we're here and ready to help with any questions you may have. Take a look through our documentation site for a quick answer, or feel free to drop us a line.

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